Aug 01 2014

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The beginning of a new month means the start of something new! Welcome to our very first blog post!  We hope this blog serves as a means for us to share what we feel is important and educational information, with you; our valuable clients.

With the Civic holiday long weekend approaching, many of you will be heading up to your respective cottages or hitting the road to go camping with your families; this includes your furry family members.  Perhaps you have a dog who loves to swim in the lake or a cat that enjoys basking in the sunshine on the deck. Cottage/camping life sure does have its perks, but can come with its fair share of hazards, especially for our pets.

Here are a few tips/tricks to keep your pets safe this weekend:

  1. Don’t leave your dog or cat unattended

We may have the utmost trust in our pets to not wander off or misbehave when we’re not looking, however, unpredictable situations could arise leading to lost or hurt pets. Dogs should always be kept on a leash and cats indoors when we can’t keep a close watch on them.

  1. Hitting up a beach? Bring a leash!

There is nothing quite like watching your dog happily frolicking back and forth throughout the sand or in and out of the water.  It’s important to keep them close, because you never know what is in the sand. Unlike us, dogs don’t have footwear to protect their feet from sharp objects or even the sometimes scorching heat from the sand. Remember, if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet.

  1. Keep them afloat

Most dogs can handle swimming just fine. However, not all are so adept. Whether you are taking your dog for a swim at the beach or going for a boat ride, always keep floatation devices handy. Many companies have now created custom fit dog floatation devices to keep your pup safe and happy.

  1. Ectoparasite prevention

Cottages and wooded areas are common areas to find ectoparasites, such as fleas and ticks. Cats with access to the outdoors should be on monthly flea prevention. Dogs should also be on monthly flea preventatives, as well as products that prevent against ticks should they be visiting tick endemic areas.

Be safe and have FUN!

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